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2022-10-21 RT by @FuzionLang: The vast majority of code has still not been written yet. PL researchers should focus on languages for future code, rather than layering ever more duck tape onto the tottering C codebase.
2022-10-06 RT by @FuzionLang: Programming isn't so much about conveying to machines instructions for how to do a thing. It's more about building clear mental models of the thing. That's the hard part. Writing the code and running it can be a tool to shape your own thinking.
2022-09-28 R to @FuzionLang: It usually is, but then its use is optional. And adding this later in a large code base is hard work, that is what @shipilev is force to do now...
2022-09-28 Nice example why the compiler should always enforce proper indentation!
2022-09-23 Apart from the strange scoping rule in Python, the language design question here is: Should it be allowed to shadow a name in an outer scope? Fuzion currently permits shadowing of names in outer scopes, while languages like Java do not to avoid potential errors.
2022-09-23 RT by @FuzionLang: X = ...99999.010X = ...999990.09X = ...999990.0 - ...99999.0 = -9.0X = -1Wait...
2022-09-22 RT by @FuzionLang: I love reddit sometimes.https://old.reddit.com/r/rust/comments/xjo523/the_val_programming_language/ipbvegq/?context=3