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2022-07-04 RT by @FuzionLang: Never underestimate the power of a bunch of nerds building something just for fun. 🤓🖥️
2022-06-20 RT by @FuzionLang: This is another reason why I like the indentation based syntax in @FuzionLang and other languages more and more!
2022-06-17 All tries to add curried function definitions to Fuzion kind of failed, nice to see the reasons written clearly!
2022-06-08 RT by @FuzionLang: Science dog
2022-06-06 Scala Symposium at #ECOOP22 has started with Martin Odersky talking about Tracking Captures in Types.
2022-06-02 RT by @FuzionLang: Off by one
2022-06-02 RT by @FuzionLang: Not that long anymore until #ECOOP22 starts! We will kick off things on June 6th in Berlin with a keynote by the lead designer of Scala @odersky!https://2022.ecoop.org/program/program-ecoop-2022/