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"Hello, World!" Example

The classic first example:

These examples show two of Fuzion's most fundamental concepts: feature declarations and feature calls. The code for this small example is wrapped in a feature called HelloWorld, which is introduced in the first line. This feature is a routine that is implemented by a code block following the keyword is. The code block may alternatively be surrounded by braces { }, in which case the is is optional.

The code itself performs one call to the feature say. This call receives an argument, which is a constant String "Hello, World!". In most cases, arguments to a call are written directly following the call, parentheses around the arguments are usually not required.

A call typically has a call target. In this case the target of the call to println is stdout, which itself is a call that results in the value of the standard output stream.


Fuzion uses Unicode characters, all sources must be UTF-8 encoded. It is hence possible to use international characters as in