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time -- unit feature to group time related features

time.duration -- value representing a duration, i.e., a time span

This is intendend for high precision time specification and measurement, it
uses a time resolution of 1ns.

The maximum value is about 580 years, so this is not intenden for use in
calendars that may require time spans exceeding several centuries or millenia,
nor astrological time spans.

time.durations -- unit type defining features related to duration but not requiring
an instance

short-hand for creating and installing time.nano effect

time.nano -- effect providing nano time

time.nano is a timer that provides high precision but possibly low
accuracy. Such a timer is typically useful for timing the duration
of events, such as measuring the time it takes to perform some

time.nano may have a signficant drift compared to actual time, it might
not be the right source of time to, e.g., feed an alarm clock that should
wake you up at 6h30 every morning.

short-hand for accessing time.nano effect in current environment

short-hand for creating and installing time.nano effect

unit type feature defining features related to time.nano but not requiring an

abstract provider that can deliver a nano time

time.duration.units -- unit time defining units used in duration