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option represents an optional value of type T

synonyme for infix >>=

converts option to a string

returns the result of $T for an option containing an instance
of T, alternatively returns $nil for an option that is nil.

redefines Object.asString:

monadic operator

Same as non-generic >>=, but also maps to a different type B.

Does this option contain a value of type T?

unwraps an option that is known to contain a value

this can only be called in cases where it is known for sure that this option
is not nil. A runtime error will be created otherwise.

§get(default T)

unwraps an option if it exists, returns default value otherwise.

monadic operator

This is handy to implement functions on optional values. As an example,
take an option<string> and you would like to add a filename suffix to
this string if it is present. Then you can do this as follows:

addTxt(o option<string>) => o >>= s -> option<string> is s + ".txt"

NYI: With better type inference and syntactic sugar, this should be

addTxt(o option<string>) => o >>= s -> s + ".txt"

NYI: Should maybe have generic parameter <B> and result in option<B>

redefines monad.infix >>=:
monadic operator within the same monad

Apply f to elements of type A and re-wrap them in this monad.

Does this option contain no value of type T?

map this option using f, i.e., map nil to nil and any value v to f v

short-hand postfix operator for 'isNil'

short-hand postfix operator for 'exists'